MYG PM-1001 DAP ( Dual Adjustable Pulley )

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Introducing the Dual Adjustable Pulley – A versatile piece of functional training equipment.. This equipment opens the door to a wide range of workout possibilities.
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Product description
Product description

Key Attributes: 

  • Features an accessories holding rack for convenient storage.
  • Equipped with smooth adjustable pulley columns on each side, allowing for a variety of cable attachments.
  • Multi-grip pull-up handles provide numerous exercise options and grip variations.
  • Ensures smooth motion with a precise pulley arrangement for a seamless workout experience.
  • Includes safety shrouds for the weight tower to enhance user safety. 


  • The Dual Adjustable Pulley empowers users to target multiple muscle groups and engage in a diverse array of strength training exercises. These workouts help in building balance, stability, and power.
  • Whether you're setting up a home gym or looking for a comprehensive fitness solution, this equipment offers a multitude of workout possibilities.
  • Exercises that can be performed on this machine include Lat Pull-downs, Squats, Rows, Inner/Outer thigh Kicks, and many more. 

Technical Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 1220X2580X2330MM
  • Weight Stack: 397LBS/180KG
  • Net Weight: 218KG

The Dual Adjustable Pulley is a versatile addition to your fitness arsenal, allowing you to engage in a wide variety of exercises to target different muscle groups and achieve your fitness goals effectively.

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