MYG 6007 Single Rope

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Colour: ‎Black
Fill material type: ‎Nylon
Included Components: ‎1x Tricep Rope Single
Material Type: ‎Nylon Coating
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Product description
Product description

The MYG 6007 Single Rope is a versatile and durable gym accessory designed to enhance your strength training workouts. Constructed with heavy-duty nylon rope and featuring solid rubber handles, it offers exceptional strength and durability for long-lasting use. This pull-down rope easily attaches to any cable machine's system, making it a convenient addition to your gym equipment.

It's ideal for performing various exercises, including single grip tricep press downs and hammer curls, providing a natural and free-form feel. The ergonomic rubber ends on the handles ensure a non-slip grip, enhancing your workout experience and preventing accidental slipping. This attachment is compatible with a wide range of cable machines, including ab machines, cable crossovers, and pulley systems. The MYG 6007 Single Rope measures 13 inches in length with a cable ring diameter of 0.7 inches, and each package includes one tricep rope to support your fitness routines.

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