MYG PR-1021 Rotary Torso Rotation Machine

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The MYG PR1021 Rotary Torso Rotation Machine is a specialized piece of fitness equipment that helps users precisely target their core muscles through guided and smooth rotational movements.
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Product description
Product description

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Construction: This machine is built with thick tubing and precise angles, giving it a sturdy and durable design. Users can perform their exercises with confidence and stability.
  • Natural Motion Design: The machine is designed to mimic the natural motion of the body, ensuring that users engage their core muscles effectively and experience accurate muscle activation for better workout results.
  • Anatomically Correct Cam: The machine is equipped with an anatomically correct cam that exerts uniform resistance throughout the entire range of motion. This feature ensures that users receive consistent and effective resistance during their exercises.

Rotary Torso Rotation Machine Benefits:

  • Oblique Muscle Development: Torso rotation exercises primarily target the oblique muscle group. Strengthening the obliques can add power to rotational motions and improve rotational sports performance, such as in shot put or golf.
  • Core Strength: Rotary torso exercises engage the core muscles, including the obliques and abdominals. A strong core is essential for overall stability, posture, and injury prevention.
  • Spinal Support: Strengthening the abdominal and back muscles through torso rotation exercises can help reduce pressure on the spine. This can contribute to better spinal health and reduced risk of back pain.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1600x950x1700mm
  • Net Weight: 200kg
  • Weight Stack: 187lbs/85kg
The MYG PR1021 Rotary Torso Rotation Machine is an effective tool for targeting and strengthening the core muscles, particularly the obliques. Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance your rotational power or someone seeking to improve core strength and stability, this machine offers a reliable and guided way to achieve your fitness goals.

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