MYG PM-1007 Multi Jungle 8 Stack Machine

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The MYG PM 1007 Multi Jungle 8 Stack Machine is a versatile fitness equipment designed to provide an extensive range of workout options. This machine, designed for commercial use, offers eight different workout stations, each equipped for durability and biomechanical efficiency.
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Product description
Product description

Key Features:

  • 8 Workout Stations: The machine features eight workout stations, including two Lat Pulldown stations, two Low Row stations, two Tricep Press Down stations, and two Adjustable High-Low Pulley stations.
  • Multi-Chin Grips: Equipped with multi-chin grips featuring a smooth TPE grip finish and high-tech aluminum end caps for secure and comfortable exercise.
  • User-Friendly Design: The machine incorporates user-friendly design elements, allowing for easy adjustments to accommodate users of different sizes and fitness levels.
  • Anatomically Correct: Designed to follow the natural biomechanics of the body, ensuring proper form during exercises and maximizing workout effectiveness.

Features and Benefits of Each Station:

Lat Pulldowns:

  • Provides a suitable pre-stretch range of motion.
  • Adjustable thigh hold-down foam rollers for stability.
  • Targets the latissimus dorsi muscles in the back.

Low Rows:

  • Offers superior pre-stretch adjustments.
  • Extended bench to accommodate users of varying heights.
  • Ergonomically placed footrest for efficient rowing.
  • Targets the back muscles, primarily the latissimus dorsi, while engaging forearm and upper arm muscles.

Tricep Press Down:

  • Allows ample pre-stretch range of motion.
  • Easily accessible handle positions.
  • Enhances upper arm size and pressing strength, benefiting shoulder and chest muscles.

Adjustable High/Low Pulley:

  • Features smooth and easily adjustable High/Low pulley columns.
  • Accommodates various cable attachments for versatile exercises.
  • Provides cost-effective and versatile gym equipment.
  • Enables a wide range of exercises, including Bicep Curls, Tricep exercises, Inner/Outer thigh kicks, and Cable Crossovers.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4850x3400x2230mm
  • Weight Stack: 1389lbs/630kg
  • Net Weight: 1008kg

The MYG PM 1007 Multi Jungle 8 Stack Machine is an excellent choice for commercial fitness facilities seeking to offer a comprehensive and versatile workout experience to their members. Its durable and user-friendly design ensures effective and safe exercise for a wide range of users.

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