MYG PM 1002 Dual Adjustable Pulley

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The MYG PM 1002 Dual Adjustable Pulley is a highly versatile piece of functional training equipment that offers a wide range of workout possibilities. This equipment is designed to provide users with a comprehensive and customizable strength training experience.
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Product description
Product description

Key Features:

  • Accessories Holding Rack: Equipped with an accessories holding rack, allowing users to conveniently store and access various cable attachments and workout accessories.
  • Smooth Adjustable Pulley Columns: Features smooth and adjustable pulley columns on each side, enabling users to perform a wide variety of exercises with ease.
  • Multiple Cable Attachments: The machine accommodates several cable attachments, offering exercise versatility and customization.
  • Multi-Grip Pull-Up Handles: Provides multi-grip pull-up handles that offer numerous exercise possibilities, including pull-ups, chin-ups, and more.
  • Smooth Motion: Offers a smooth and precise pulley arrangement that ensures a fluid and controlled workout experience.
  • Safety Shrouds: Includes safety shrouds for the weight stack tower, enhancing user safety during workouts.


  • Versatile Workout Options: The MYG PM 1002 Dual Adjustable Pulley allows users to target various muscle groups and perform a wide range of strength training exercises, enhancing balance, stability, and power.
  • Perfect for Home Gyms: This equipment is an excellent choice for home gyms due to its versatility, providing users with multiple workout possibilities in a compact design.
  • Wide Exercise Range: Users can perform exercises such as Lat Pull-Downs, Squats, Rows, Inner/Outer Thigh Kicks, and more, making it suitable for a diverse range of fitness routines.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1220x2580x2330mm
  • Weight Stack: 397LBS/180KG
  • Net Weight: 218KG

The MYG PM 1002 Dual Adjustable Pulley is a valuable addition to any fitness facility or home gym, offering the flexibility to perform a wide variety of exercises and effectively target different muscle groups. Its compact design and comprehensive features make it a versatile and space-efficient functional training equipment option.

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