MYG MB-1017 Seated Calf Raise

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The Seated Calf Raise – MYG MB 1017 is an effective and specialized machine designed for developing the size and strength of the calf muscles. Here are the details:
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Product description
Product description

Key Features:

  • Automatic Knee Pad Locking Lever: This machine is equipped with a locking lever for the knee pads that drops out automatically, making it easy to start calf raises. This feature enhances the user's convenience and safety during workouts.
  • Chrome Weight Plate Sleeves: Dual chrome weight plate sleeves are positioned for easy loading, allowing users to adjust the resistance according to their training needs. This design ensures versatility in training.
  • Adjustable Leg Pads: The machine features adjustable leg pads to accommodate users of different heights. This ensures that individuals of varying sizes can use the machine comfortably and effectively.
  • Dense Foam Padding: The machine includes dense foam padding on the knee pads and other contact points to provide support and comfort during calf raises. Users can focus on their workout without discomfort.
  • Contoured Knee Pads: The contoured knee pads are designed to fit snugly onto the thighs, enhancing stability and safety during calf raise exercises.
  • Self-Spotting Handles: Handles positioned just above the knee pads allow users to perform self-spotting, providing an added layer of safety during intense workouts.
  • Rubber Feet: The machine is equipped with rubber feet that not only hold the rack securely in place on the floor but also protect both the flooring and the machine from potential damage.


  • Isolation of Calf Muscles: The Seated Calf Raise machine effectively isolates the calf soleus muscles, providing targeted and efficient calf workouts.
  • Stress Elimination: The seated position reduces stress on other muscles, allowing users to focus exclusively on calf muscle development.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1340X800X860MM
  • Net Weight: 62KG

The MYG MB 1017 Seated Calf Raise machine is a valuable addition to any gym or fitness facility, offering a safe, comfortable, and effective way to develop calf muscles while accommodating users of varying sizes and fitness levels.

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