MYG MB-1004 Seated Arm Curl

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The MYG MB 1004 Seated Arm Curl is a specialized piece of gym equipment focused on targeting the biceps muscles, as well as the muscles of the lower arm, including the brachialis and brachioradialis.
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Product description
Product description

Key Features:

  • Comfortable Design: This seated arm curl machine is equipped with thick cushioned seat, elbow pad, and chest pad to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable workout experience.
  • Precise Angled Pads: The elbow and chest pads are accurately angled to support proper form and posture during bicep workouts, promoting effective results.
  • Anti-Skid Footrest: The inclusion of an anti-skid footrest enhances user comfort and stability while using the machine.
  • Seat Adjustment: The bench features seat adjustment functionality, allowing users of different heights to customize the equipment to their comfort and needs.


  • Bicep Muscle Development: The MYG MB 1004 Seated Arm Curl is designed to specifically target the bicep muscles, making it an ideal choice for individuals looking to build and strengthen their biceps effectively.
  • Lower Arm Engagement: In addition to the biceps, this machine engages the muscles of the lower arm, including the brachialis and brachioradialis, providing a comprehensive upper arm workout.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: (LxWxH) 1440x800x1100mm
  • Net Weight: 76Kg
  • Gross Weight: 98Kg

The MYG MB 1004 Seated Arm Curl is a valuable addition to any fitness facility, offering a comfortable and targeted approach to bicep and lower arm muscle development. Its precise design and adjustable features make it suitable for users of varying heights and fitness levels.

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