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The MYG LS-2007 Standing Calf Raise machine is a specialized piece of fitness equipment designed to target and strengthen the calf muscles. It provides a controlled and effective way to perform calf raise exercises, which are essential for developing calf size, strength, and definition.
Product description
Product description

Key Attributes:

  • Standing Calf Raise Exercise: This machine is specifically designed for performing standing calf raise exercises. Users can load weight onto the machine and perform calf raises by lifting their heels while standing on the platform.
  • Adjustable Weight Stack: The machine features an adjustable weight stack with a maximum resistance of 120 kilograms (approximately 264 pounds). Users can select the appropriate weight to match their fitness level and progression goals.
  • Ergonomic Design: The MYG LS-2007 is built with user comfort in mind. It includes a comfortable padded seat, backrest, and sturdy handles for balance and support during the exercise.


  • Calf Muscle Development: Standing calf raises are highly effective for targeting the calf muscles, specifically the gastrocnemius and soleus. Strengthening these muscles can lead to improved calf size, strength, and definition.
  • Customizable Resistance: With an adjustable weight stack, users can progressively increase the resistance to continue challenging their calf muscles as they become stronger over time.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1095*1300*1930mm
  • Net Weight: 175 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 190 Kg
  • Weight Stack: 120 kilograms

The MYG LS-2007 Standing Calf Raise machine is a valuable addition to any fitness facility or home gym, offering a dedicated solution for calf muscle strengthening. Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance lower leg power or simply aiming to develop well-defined calves, this machine provides a safe and efficient means to achieve your goals.

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