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The MYG LS-1004 Abdominal Crunch machine is a specialized exercise equipment designed to target the abdominal muscles effectively. It allows users to perform abdominal crunches in a controlled and comfortable seated position.
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Product description
Product description

Key Attributes:

  • Robust Construction: The Abdominal Crunch machine is built with a strong and durable frame, ensuring stability and safety during workouts. Its solid construction is suitable for both commercial fitness facilities and home gyms.
  • Adjustable Features: This machine features adjustable components, including the seat and handles, accommodating users of various heights and body types. The ergonomic design and comfortable padding provide a secure and comfortable exercise experience.
  • Weight Stack: The machine comes equipped with a weight stack totaling 99 kilograms (approximately 218 pounds), allowing users to select the appropriate resistance level for their abdominal crunches.


  • Abdominal Strength: The primary purpose of the Abdominal Crunch machine is to strengthen the abdominal muscles, including the rectus abdominis (commonly referred to as the "six-pack"). Regular use can lead to improved core strength and stability.
  • Toned Midsection: Targeting the abdominal muscles through crunches can help individuals achieve a toned and defined midsection, which is a common fitness goal.
  • Reduced Risk of Back Pain: Strengthening the core muscles can contribute to better posture and reduced risk of lower back pain, making this machine beneficial for overall spinal health.
  • Customizable Resistance: With a weight stack of 99 kilograms, users can customize the resistance to match their fitness level, making this machine suitable for individuals at various stages of their fitness journey.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1322*1160*1625mm
  • Net Weight: 155 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 182 Kg
  • Weight Stack: 100 kilograms 

The MYG LS-1004 Abdominal Crunch machine is an excellent addition to any fitness facility or home gym. It is designed to effectively target the abdominal muscles, providing a safe and controlled environment for performing abdominal crunches. Whether you're looking to enhance abdominal strength, achieve a toned midsection, or improve core stability, this machine offers the tools you need to reach your fitness goals.

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