MYG BS-1031 Triceps Extension

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Achieve powerful and defined triceps with the MYG BS-1031 Triceps Extension machine specially designed to target the muscles located in the backside of the upper arm.
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Product description
Product description

Key Features:

  • Dual Grip Handles: Ergonomically designed handles provide dual grips, enhancing muscle activation and allowing you to customize your workout experience.
  • Optimal Grip Design: Handles are perfectly crafted for a natural grip, ensuring you receive maximum exercise benefits.
  • Versatile Hand Positions: Multiple hand grip positions on the handle offer various exercise options, allowing you to diversify your triceps training routine.
  • Supportive Roller Pads: Comfortable roller pads provide optimal support during your workouts, ensuring you can focus on muscle engagement.
  • Natural Motion: The machine's design mirrors the natural motion of your body, accurately targeting the triceps muscles.
  • Stability: The footrest provides stability for heavy weight lifting, ensuring a secure and controlled workout.


  • Joint Stabilization: Strength training of the triceps muscle plays a crucial role in stabilizing the shoulder and elbow joints, reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Functional Strength: Strong triceps are essential for everyday activities like lifting heavy objects overhead or pushing items, making daily life easier and more efficient.
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance: Well-developed triceps can improve your performance in various athletic activities such as swimming, tennis, and throwing sports.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1570 x 1540 x 870mm
  • Net Weight: 93kg

Forge powerful triceps and enjoy the benefits of enhanced strength and functional fitness with the MYG BS-1031 Triceps Extension machine. Whether you're focused on injury prevention, daily life functionality, or athletic performance, this machine provides a comfortable and effective solution for your fitness journey.

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