MYG BS-1016 Lateral Raise

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Elevate your shoulder workout and target the anterior and middle deltoid effectively with the MYG BS-1016 Lateral Raise machine by Into Wellness.
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Product description
Product description

Key Features:

  • Accurate Motion Path: The MYG BS-1016 follows a natural path of motion to precisely impact the deltoid muscles during your exercises.
  • Maximum Comfort: Enjoy a comfortable workout experience with precision bearings and convex extra-thick forearm pads designed for maximum user comfort.
  • Supportive Seat: The cushioned seat provides essential back support, enabling you to perform your exercises comfortably and with proper form.
  • Pneumatic Seating: Pneumatic seating allows for easy seat adjustment while remaining seated, enhancing your overall workout experience.


  • Enhanced Shoulder Shape: Building the anterior and middle deltoid muscles can help shape and define your shoulder region, enhancing your physique.
  • Functional Strength: Strengthening these muscles not only improves your appearance but also makes everyday tasks, such as lifting heavy objects, more manageable.
  • Iso-Lateral Movement: The Iso-Lateral movement of the arms enables effective training on each side independently, allowing for balanced muscle development.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 250 x 1080 x 1340mm
  • Net Weight: 106kg

Achieve sculpted and strong deltoid muscles with the MYG BS-1016 Lateral Raise machine. Whether you're aiming to improve your shoulder aesthetics or increase functional strength, this machine provides the tools you need for an effective and comfortable shoulder workout.

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