MYG BS-1010 Sissy Squat

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Unlock the potential of your quads and glutes with the MYG BS-1010 Sissy Squat machine, designed to isolate and develop these essential muscle groups for a stronger lower body.
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Product description
Product description

Key Features:

  • Supreme Comfort: Extra thick pads not only ensure your comfort but also keep you securely in place during your exercise, allowing for a focused and effective workout.
  • Maintain Leg Straightness: This machine is expertly designed to help maintain a straight lower leg, enabling you to perform deep squats with ease.
  • User-Friendly Design: Ergonomically designed to accommodate users of different heights, ensuring a comfortable and customized workout experience.


  • Quad Dominance: Sissy squats place significant emphasis on your quads, making them a core component of your lower body development.
  • Glute Development: In addition to quad activation, this machine also targets and develops your glutes, contributing to a well-rounded lower body.
  • Core Activation: Sissy squats provide substantial core activation, enhancing your overall core strength and stability.
  • Compact and Convenient: MYG BS-1010 is a compact machine ideal for home gyms or fitness facilities with space constraints. It efficiently targets three major muscle groups—quads, glutes, and the core.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1470 x 710 x 580mm
  • Net Weight: 45kg

Elevate your lower body development with the MYG BS-1010 Sissy Squat machine. Whether you're looking to build strong quads, well-defined glutes, or enhance your core strength, this machine offers a versatile and space-saving solution for your fitness routine.

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