MYG BS-1004 ISO Lateral Level Row

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Achieve a stronger and more balanced upper body with the MYG BS-1004 ISO-Lateral Level Row machine. This versatile equipment primarily targets the middle of your back, including the posterior deltoids, trapezius, and infraspinatus muscles.
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Product description
Product description

Key Features:

  • Natural Range of Motion: Underhand grip positions and overhead pivots provide exercises with a natural arc of movement, ensuring effective and comfortable workouts.
  • Comfortable Design: Precise seating and an angled chest pad make your exercise sessions comfortable, allowing you to focus on your form and strength.
  • Stability and Support: A footrest provides stability for heavy weight lifting, while the slightly angled seat and chest pad ensure a secure workout experience.
  • Balanced Strength: Iso-lateral motion allows for equal strength development and targeted muscle stimulation.
  • Gas-Assisted Seating: Enjoy maximum comfort during your workouts with precise gas-assisted seating.


  • Improved Posture: In a world where many of us spend long hours sitting, this machine aids in improving posture and activating upper body muscles, helping to combat back and shoulder problems.
  • Versatile Movements: The ISO Lateral movement allows you to perform exercises in multiple ways—individual single-arm movement, both arms together, or alternate arm movement.
  • Functional Fitness: Strengthening core muscles during exercises makes everyday movements, such as picking up objects from the floor, easier and more efficient.
  • Rehabilitation Support: Individuals recovering from injuries can use uneven weights on each arm for rehabilitation, allowing for a gradual return to regular strength training.
  • Effective Technique: Engage your shoulder and upper back muscles while pulling the arms, focusing on form to maximize exercise results.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1580 x 1460 x 1320mm
  • Net Weight: 96kg

Experience the MYG BS-1004 ISO-Lateral Level Row and unlock the potential for a stronger, healthier upper body. Whether you're aiming to improve posture, recover from an injury, or enhance your overall fitness, this machine offers the versatility and comfort you need for a successful workout.

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