MYG 6024 Lat pull D grip bar

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Wide grip “D” angle handles
86cm Length from Handle to Handle
Strong solid steel design
Hard Chrome for ultra-rust protection
25mm grip diameter Diamond Machined knurl for extra grip strength
360-degree Revolving grease impregnated hook
Attachment weight: 4.9kg
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Product description
Product description

The MYG 6024 "D" Handle Lat Pull Down Bar is a high-quality gym cable attachment designed to enhance your back and upper body workouts. Here are some key features and benefits of this product:

  • Solid Steel Construction: This handle is made from solid steel, ensuring durability and longevity. The use of solid steel materials makes it capable of withstanding heavy loads and the rigors of intense strength training.
  • Unique Diamond Machined Knurl: The handle features a unique diamond-machined knurl pattern that maximizes grip without causing discomfort or ripping your hands. This knurling design provides a secure hold on the bar, allowing you to train harder and longer without worrying about slipping.
  • Unique Grip Angle: The "D" handle design offers a unique grip angle that is specifically tailored for effective back workouts. This grip angle helps target various muscle groups, including the biceps, lats, forearms, and upper back, making it a versatile tool for upper body training.
  • Cable Machine Compatibility: This gym cable attachment is compatible with a wide range of cable machines and pulley systems commonly found in gyms and fitness facilities. It allows you to perform a variety of cable exercises to target specific muscle groups and engage in dynamic workouts.
  • Targeted Muscle Engagement: The unique design and grip angle of the "D" handle Lat Pull Down Bar enable you to isolate and engage specific muscle groups effectively. It is particularly useful for lat pulldown exercises, which are excellent for developing a strong and well-defined back.
  • Versatility: In addition to lat pulldowns, you can use this handle for various cable exercises such as seated rows, cable curls, tricep pushdowns, and more. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to your strength training routine.
  • Enhanced Back Workouts: The "D" handle design and effective grip allow for comfortable and efficient back workouts. You can focus on proper form and muscle engagement, optimizing your results when working on your back muscles.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: The solid steel construction and durable design of this gym cable attachment ensure long-lasting performance even under heavy and continuous use.

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