MYG 5003-1 7ft Olympic Barbell

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Length: 220cm 45#spring steel Normal chormed 20kg 28mm bushing1500LB
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Product description
Product description

Elevate Your Olympic Lifting with an Explosive Olympic Bar
MYG 5003-1 is the perfect Olympic bar designed to excel in explosive exercises such as snatch, clean and jerk, and deadlifts. Crafted to meet the demands of high-intensity Olympic lifting, this bar is a reliable companion for athletes looking to achieve their best performance.

Key Features:

  • Tough and Hard-Wearing: MYG 5003-1 Olympic bar is constructed from spring steel, offering exceptional durability. The bar is finished with a hard chrome coating, which not only enhances its resilience but also gives it a sleek appearance. It boasts an impressive tensile strength of 185,000 psi, ensuring it can withstand heavy loads and intense workouts.
  • Optimal Weight and Dimensions: This Olympic bar weighs 20 kilograms, measures 2,200mm in length, and has a diameter of 50mm with a 28mm grip. These dimensions adhere to competition standards, making it suitable for competitive weightlifting.
  • Premium Grade Bearings: The bar features premium-grade bearings that provide a smooth and reliable lifting experience. The dual knurling ensures a secure grip, allowing athletes to perform lifts with confidence and precision.
  • Versatile for Power-Based Exercises: MYG 5003-1 is versatile and ideal for various power-based, full-body exercises such as snatch, power clean, clean and jerk, deadlifts, overhead press, and more. It is designed to support explosive movements and help athletes reach their peak performance.
  • Exceptional Strength: Tested to exceed 750 kilograms, this Olympic bar demonstrates its exceptional strength and reliability, making it a valuable asset for competitive weightlifting and intense training sessions.

Whether you're a competitive weightlifter or a dedicated athlete looking to enhance your explosive lifting capabilities, MYG 5003-1 Explosive Olympic Bar is the perfect choice. Elevate your Olympic lifting game with a bar that offers durability, precision, and the optimal weight to meet competition standards, allowing you to pursue your goals with confidence and excellence.

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