MYG 0023 Medicine ball rack

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Assembly size: 32.5*85.5*157cm
Packing: 142*56*18cm
N.W./G.W.: 17/18kg
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Product description
Product description

Introducing the MYG Double Row Medicine Ball Rack (MYG 0023) - Your Ultimate Storage Solution for Medicine Balls and Wall Balls!
Our Double Row Medicine Ball Rack redefines storage with its sturdy and bold steel pipes, offering versatile storage options for a variety of ball sizes.

Key Features:

  • Robust Steel Construction: Durability and strength are at the forefront of our design. Crafted with thick, bold steel pipes, our rack is engineered to withstand heavy loads and provide a stable storage solution for your medicine balls and wall balls. Trust that our rack securely holds your balls, preventing any accidental slips or falls.
  • Versatile Storage: Versatility shines through in our Double Row Medicine Ball Rack. With multiple storage options, you can effortlessly organize and store various sizes of medicine balls and wall balls. Whether you have small medicine balls or larger wall balls, our rack can accommodate them all, ensuring a clutter-free and organized workout area.
  • Effortless Accessibility: Convenience is paramount. Our rack is intelligently designed for easy and quick access to your medicine balls and wall balls. The double-row design enables efficient storage and retrieval of your balls, saving you time and effort during your workouts. No more searching for the right ball or struggling to remove them from traditional racks.

Elevate your gym or fitness facility with the MYG Double Row Medicine Ball Rack. Experience the combination of sturdy construction, versatility, and effortless accessibility that it offers. Keep your medicine balls and wall balls neatly organized, easily accessible, and stored securely.
Experience the MYG difference today with the MYG Double Row Medicine Ball Rack - designed to simplify your workout space and enhance your fitness experience.

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