MYG BS-1005 ISO Lateral Front Lat Pulldown

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Introducing the ISO-Lateral Shoulder Press, a specialized shoulder muscle workout machine that effectively targets the deltoids and triceps while also engaging the biceps, forearms, and triceps.
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Product description
Product description

Key Attributes:

  • The machine features ISO-Lateral movement, allowing for effective training of each side independently.
  • An ergonomically designed seat ensures optimal comfort and support throughout the workout.
  • The design of the machine handles and moment arms maximizes the pre-stretch and range of motion, promoting a full and effective exercise experience.
  • Handles are thoughtfully designed to provide a natural grip, ensuring users derive the maximum benefit from their exercises.


  • The ISO-Lateral motion of this shoulder press machine promotes balanced strength development in both sides of the body.
  • This machine allows users to perform alternating actions, engage both arms simultaneously, or even work with uneven weights, catering to individual fitness needs.
  • By enabling single-hand action, this exercise strengthens the muscles that stabilize the spine and enhances core strength through lateral stability.
  • In daily life, this workout can make lifting and placing objects overhead easier and more manageable.
  • Strong shoulders serve as the foundation for most upper body movements, making this machine beneficial for developing strength and power, especially for sports that involve swinging a bat or racket.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1360X1900X1900MM
  • Net Weight: 136KG

The ISO-Lateral Shoulder Press is a valuable addition to your fitness routine, offering targeted shoulder and upper body muscle training while enhancing core stability and overall functional strength.

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