Residential – Private homes, Bungalows, All townships

The concept of gyms in a residential premises be it a private home or township is not new. But the concept has always been evolving.

  • Providing a little space in your property/residential premises can make a high-end fitness centre will not only make you look unique but also make you look innovative.

  • Train whenever you want 24*7.

  • Design, Build and Manage your gym is just easy with us.

  • Create your own fitness environment to maintain not only your health but for your generations too.

  • Select the wide range of equipment’s from different brands and in your budget.

Commercial – Corporates, Fitness Clubs, hotels/resorts

  • Constant work pressure and frustration leads to lesser productivity. Motivating them by providing them spare or extra time for their long-term health and well-being will result gradually in improving companies bottom-line.

  • Research showed that the companies which executed the fitness and gym installation resulted in decrease in sick-leaves, absenteeism and lower turn – over rates. So install a gym and become an example!

  • How about increasing the productivity and retaining the employees for a longer run? How about in this pressure driven work hours, they are always willing to come to work happily? It doesn’t require much of an effort from your end. You just need to contact us with the details and we will sort everything from nothing. A dedicated space is all what we require. Headache of designing, purchasing equipment’s to maintaining them and recruiting trainers, we have got you covered here.

MakeYourGym design excitement

One of the missions, #FitIndia initiated by our PM, has been trending since a long time now. Providing the path to fitter India becomes our passion. At MakeYourGym, we design the gyms which are easy to use, highly effective and exciting hobby place to be at. World best gym equipments and well managed use of space are brought together to create the inspirational workout place.


Lesser space or lesser budget? No worries, we got you covered. Provide us with your budget and a space where you want the fitness centre to be made; we will manage your needs and goals from the available domains. In consultation we make sure that we understand your complete requirements, expectations and constraints which would help us create an outline of designing the best workout place. We are available throughout India.


After reviewing your budget, needs and requirements, we will design the best optimal layout. This would include the basic things like specifications of the equipments to interiors, from from flooring and lighting to AV to air-conditioning. These designs would be provided to you in the form of 2D floor plans, 3D images and full 3D video animations. We would provide you our industry experience to source the best quality equipments from world’s best fitness equipment brands. Our designs ensure the most efficient and effective use of your space, provide individual demographic needs and will enable you to meet your fitness goals.

Interior Architecture

Our experienced associate interior designers/architects would be available to share their insight on design elements through which we can maximise the hidden light and architectural features and effectively use the existing space.


MakeYourGym creates lively and effortlessly

MakeYourGym is committed to provide quality to the customers and change their visualization of the fitness space to reality. We constantly emphasize in making your project lively.

Project management

We precisely overlook the premises of the gym to ensure the effortless but efficient running of the project. We will source and co-ordinate delivery and installation of all necessary equipment and materials.


We can bring together our team of experienced professionals or collaborate with your existing contractors to complete your gym and help you take your project to way above your expectation.


We promise to deliver the complete project to you in the assured time-frame knowing how time is money for everyone.