MYG BS-1006 ISO Lateral High Row

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Elevate your back muscle-building game with the MYG BS-1006 ISO Lateral High Row, a powerful machine designed to target your latissimus dorsi while engaging multiple upper body muscles through compound workouts.
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Product description
Product description

Key Features:

  • Double Iso-Lateral Training: Benefit from double Iso-Lateral training with pivots angled in two different planes, providing a wide range of motion for your workouts.
  • Natural Path of Motion: The underhand grip ensures a natural and effective path of motion, perfect for lat muscle training.
  • Maximum Pre-Stretch: Strategically designed moment arms offer maximum pre-stretch, optimizing muscle engagement.
  • Stability for Heavyweights: A footrest enhances stability during heavy weight lifting sessions.
  • Centralized Handles: Centrally fixed handles provide stability during Iso Lateral exercises, ensuring safe and effective workouts.


  • Targeted Muscle Engagement: The MYG BS-1006 primarily targets the latissimus dorsi, but it also engages other muscles such as the biceps, forearms, and rotator cuff muscles during the up and down motion of the exercise.
  • Full Upper Body Activation: Even the smallest muscle of the chest, the pectoralis minor, plays a role in assisting with this upper body workout.
  • Equal Strength Development: The Iso-Lateral motion of the machine promotes equal strength development and balanced muscle stimulation.
  • Improved Posture: Strengthening your back muscles not only builds a powerful physique but also aids in achieving proper posture, making pulling movements in daily life easier.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1660 x 1480 x 2100mm
  • Net Weight: 130kg

Discover the transformational power of the MYG BS-1006 ISO Lateral High Row. Whether you're seeking a chiseled back, overall upper body strength, or improved posture, this machine delivers a versatile and effective solution for your fitness goals.

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