Our Story

MYG is on a mission to make workouts better. We aim to redefine fitness experience with our sophisticated range of home and commercial gym equipment. At MYG, we blend high quality well designed products with reliable service, be it a single piece of home gym equipment or a branded commercial gym set up across locations. 


Not too long ago, International grade equipment and accessories were the bastion of a few foreign brands. Prohibitive price tags meant that these remained out of reach for most. In India, a 3 tier sales distribution network saddled with low cost expectations resulted in a market filled with low grade ergonomically weak products. 


MYG was born with a will to change this. To give our customers access to the best fitness experience, the core team used its considerable international experience in the fitness industry to design and create products with the same top quality materials as international fitness brands. A direct to consumer route lowered overheads and enabled and established the blended delivery of a range of top products and reliable service. 





Primo and Arsen are 2 distinct series that cater to Commercial gyms equip while Casa is series that features Home gym products. More details on each of these lines as under. 


MYG CASA’ is a home gym series that features a curated set of smart and sophisticated equipment & accessories crafted especially for at-home workouts. MYG is perhaps one of the only established players that also offers custom home gym installations.


MYG ARSEN is a must have native (essentials) series ideal for all emerging commercial gym players aspiring to be a brand. A robust, reliable & high quality installation helps position a commercial establishment as a serious player in its respective market. The fair-value tag makes ARSEN a bestselling range in the commercial grade segment. 


MYG PRIMO is an up-there master series, most preferred by established gym brands that stand for uncompromising standards of performance and style. It is also popular amongst the Institutional clientele that seek a higher degree of aesthetics.