Stretch It Out: Before You Start Your Workout

Posted by Gulit Upadhyay on 18th Jul 2022

I still remember my early days when whereas a school kid, I spent almost twenty minutes stretching as a part of the football game. Initially, I was unable to withstand for such a long time, and I used to think that it was such a waste of time doing this stuff. Later, I realized that it is very much important as a part of the workout routine. Some of the reasons include,

  • Dynamic Approach: when a full range of motion is done in a light manner with a dynamic approach, it is highly beneficial for the muscles.
  • Improves Circulation: stretching increases blood flow to the muscles. When a muscle is injured, improved Circulation helps in the speedy recovery, and it helps in improving better posture.
  • Flexibility: wanna improve your flexibility? One stretch per body part for thirty seconds is more than enough to help you out.

I've seen many bloggers who say a big "No" to stretching before starting a workout. However, it is only by stretching that you increase the range of motion in a gradual way and pull ability out of the muscles. Your performance in the sport is increased. It is one of the easiest favors that can be done to the body and can give you great benefits.

Start Stretching

How to stretch? It is good to start a stretch after the body is warm. Jogging or a brisk walk can be done to warm up the body. The movements involved in stretching should be gentle and moderate initially.

It is advised to stop if in case there is pain in the body. You can have your blood vessels broken if there is a bounce in your movement, and don't forget to watch out for your breath.

Start with stretching from your legs by stretching the hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps by placing your leg above an object that is between the knee level and the waist level.

The next stretch involves stretching the torso, followed by the chest and shoulders. The final stretch is done in order for the back to get benefitted. These four steps must be followed before the every-out session.

Always have a physical instructor while performing the stretching as gym trainers, physical therapists, and exercise instructors will know all the great ways to stretch your muscles.

Static And Dynamic Stretching

Basically, stretching can be classified in two ways. One is called static stretching, while the other is called dynamic stretching.

The term dynamic stretching is used in a different manner by different people. It involves stretching and relaxing the antagonist's muscles, and these muscles have to contract.

Whereas static stretching involves gradual lengthening of the muscle to an elongated position and maintaining it for a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of two minutes.

However, there has to be cautious when you approach stretching. If you encounter a chronic condition, you may have to adjust your stretching techniques. Also, stretching a strained muscle will harm it more. It is best to consult with your doctor or physiotherapist regarding stretching in case you have some health concerns.