Best Ways To Shed Weight Without Dieting

Best Ways To Shed Weight Without Dieting

Posted by Gulit Upadhyay on 4th Jul 2022

 There are many fashionable diets which help you to shed weight. However, the means you select should be natural: neither your stomach is starved, nor your body is deprived of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Let us figure out the ways to shed weight by focusing on what you should eat rather than avoiding altogether.

Food Intake – From High to Low

It is essential to take a good breakfast. If you limit the quantity, you are prone to eat more throughout the day. In effect, you will end up eating more than your usual intake. It would be best if you ate like a king in the morning, like a queen in the afternoon, and like a beggar in the evening.

Even though this idea is shared among people with diabetes, the idea works well for all kinds of people. The quantity should be gradually reduced from the morning to the evening. The logic for implementing this scheme is that you will have hectic physical activity in the morning.

And, as you progress towards the evening resting period, the physical activity becomes nil. It would be best if you had more energy when physical activity is met through food intake.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

You should eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is advisable to consume fruits before food intake. By doing so, your stomach will be free from all kinds of impurities.

Consumption should happen before the food intake but not along with the meals. Eating fresh vegetables will fill your stomach and supply essential nutrients to your body.

Conscious Eating and Drinking

You should eat and drink consciously. Subconscious eating and drinking will lead to excess intake, resulting in fat accumulation in the body.

It is advisable to avoid carbonated drinks, which will not quench your thirst but will make you consume more and more.

Physical Exercise

It is essential to have sufficient levels of physical exercise. Walking, running, jogging, and playing outdoor sports and games will give you enough physical activity.

You can select appropriate ways of exercise that fit your age, current body weight, sex, etc. You are encouraged to take advice from a fitness trainer before undertaking extensive physical training.

You can also consult your family doctor, who will check your present health condition and suggest appropriate ways and means.


It is essential that your body needs sufficient levels of rest. A minimum of six hours and a maximum of 8 hours of solid sleep are suggested. If your body is deprived of sleep, you will eat more than the required quantum you usually take.

You should also have a good family and social life. You will have good physical and mental health by having healthy relations with your friends and family members. Your blood pressure levels will be at normal levels.


Taking the above precautions will allow you to manage your weight at optimum levels without starving your stomach.

You can check your BMI (Body Mass Index) following the above methods. It is essential to keep your body weight as per the height of your body.